Sunday, 2 December 2007

It IS easy being green!

Planted out the garden last weekend and have already harvest a wee bunch of herbs or two. Every time I’ve gone into the grocers this week I keep thinking “Won’t it be awesome when I can just go and pick some tomatoes or capsicum and don’t have to buy it?"....I even scoffed at paying $4 for a bunch of basil and picked some leaves from my wee plants.

I’m out there pondering my garden most evenings when I get home from the orifice. Looking at how things are going, lamenting the fact that the wandering jew has reared it’s ugly leafy head again around the brickwork....damn, damn, damn I hate that stuff!!

The tomato plant that mum and dad bought down for me revealed some a few wonderful surprises….not only is it covered in flowers, but there were already some happy lil green baby toms happily growing, hiding under the leaves.

Then things got green again during the week, I received my Rowan Yorkshire 4ply Tweed, in this amazing green with flecks of gold and turquoise in the mail….and this afternoon, I decided to sit down and start stringing some of my green beads into a necklace, like I’ve been meaning to for ages!! you see it is easy being green!