Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Even more EPIC FAIL

Good lord, look how long it's been since I last posted....guess being chained to a desk 5 days a week then having a 2.5yr old absorbing every other waking moment hasn't left a lot of time for luxuries like blogging!

But all of that's about to a HUGE way.

Firstly, we bit the scary house purchasing bullet and bought this:

It's rented out at the moment, but we'll be moving in early next year....because we're having another bub!....15 weeks to go....and it's another lil boy....and I can't wait!

I love the idea of Boo having a little brother to knock about with....and the house, well as much as I love the inner west, I'm so over the small damp house we're in now....AND look at the walk in pantry that I'll be filling's got double doors people, DOUBLE DOORS!!!

Boo is getting to be such a big boy....everyday he amazes me with the things he comes out with and how grown up he is....I know I'm biased because I'm his mum, but he's such a special he is looking very serious on a recent trip to bunnings....and another of him on Daddy's laptop

As for anything crafty, that's gone completely by the way!....the last thing I've felt like doing is knitting....a heap of yarn has alread been packed to take to storage, ready for the move....I really want to get the knitting mojo back....but I was like this last time I was pregnant, it was the LAST thing I felt like doing....even trawling through patterns on Ravelry has been a lost cause....but I'm sure once the hospital appointments start happening every 2 weeks I'll be bored into knitting again!

I have been sticking to only purchasing quality yarn over quantity though....I'm totally in love with Eat Sleep Knit!....I've vowed it'll be my only go-to for future yarn purchases....enough of this bendy and patons rubbish :p

So now I'm counting down the weeks till I finish work and this insane new phase of our lives begins....there will definitely be more updates here....especially once we're in the house, with all the gardening over-hauling and new crafting opportunities to be had!....and all the pics of the new niblet and his big brother!