Sunday, 9 November 2008

oh yeah....

I went on a bit of a yarn bender on Saturday too....well Tapestry Craft had 30% off all their, yum....I've got another 9 knitting projects to whip up in the next few months.

Great expectations

I was speaking to my gorgeous niece 3 on Friday and told her I'd made her a dress….there was quite on the phone and then "mummy, mummy rissa's made me a new dress"….followed by much dropping of the phone, squeeee'ing and dancing around.

Well, since Friday's conversation, Miss Nearly 4 has it in her sweet pea head that the dress is for her party which is in early December, not Christmas like I explained….so now I have been charged with a most important responsibility….creating a party frock fit for a girl's first ever friends from school birthday party!!

Here's the fabric that I've picked out….so I'm thinking it's going to be a bit cute!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Boy causes a rethink.

We found out last week that we're having a little boy, which hasn't made any of this being pregnant business feel any more real, well apart from still feeling nauseous and my stomach muscles being stretched and distended in ways that I'm not entirely happy about.

It didn't matter to us either way, boy or girl in fact I had no prior inkling to what das blob might have been. So many people are surprised because they were convinced it was a girl though! Thing is it's thrown me into a bit of a "hmm, what do I knit/sew/make now" tizz, with 4 nieces I'm so used to looking at all things girly and I've never really made things for my nephew who is now 2.

So many patterns I look at are just that lil bit too feminine, especially everything in my pattern collection anyway! I did happen upon a good Patons baby book, with lots of "boy" patterns, so there's a very sweet blue jumper on the needles at the moment.

Christmas is fast approaching, much to my horror and this weekend I've made a HUGE effort to get the sewing for mini-nieces projects happening, and one dress is done except for the hem!
Yep, the new sewing machine that's been in my possession for over a year now has finally been switched on and is now sewing happily away and it's a dream to use, I'm so disappointed with myself for not using it sooner. I enjoy the sewing part, it's just the laying and cutting out and pinning and presing that slows down the process.

My nephew’s Pirate jumper has had the back finished, which seems to have taken forever. The constant "morning sickness", even at week 19, has truly sapped any interest for doing anything right out of me, but as it slowly subsides I can summon the will to do a bit more every day.

This jumper has been a bit love/hate for me as well, I'm not enjoying knitting with the yarn, Bendigo Classic, it's soooooo spiltty that I'm having to use bamboos for a start, not my beloved knitpicks, and the yarn has left dye all over the needles, which has been freaking me out seeing as it's a black jumper with a big white skull and cross bones on the front. But I was a good girl last night and knit up a striped swatch of the black, white and red and gave it a damn good soaking and mess about today AND the results have been pleasing, no bleeding, no extra dye in the water, so it's full steam ahead with this Christmas project, seeing as we're having the family get together early this year and everything has to be finished before the 13th December!!

Ok, so this gives me about 5 and a bit weeks to sew 5 niece number 4 dresses and 5 niece number 5 tops, as well as smash a pirate jumper and knit a pirate panda. Thank god nieces 1 and 2 are too big for naff auntie rissa-made pressies and I can buy them things!!