Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mother of the year (not)

We've been in the house about 5 weeks now and things are still all over the place, my days are spent niblet wrangling and there's not a lot of unpacking or re-organising going on. This is driving me a bit mental, because the place is a mess and I never seem to be able to find anything, because I have no idea where things were in the first place.

Boo started his new kindy and seems to be enjoying it, he loves the horse and goat that live in the field beside the outside play area. I'm really pleased with my choice of kindy, it's in a lovely green secluded spot, where you can still hear the bellbirds over the sound of playing children.

Potty training for Boo had gone by the way with the move and new bub, but has resumed with brilliant results, he's doing so well considering all the upheaval. So as a reward for an accident free day I cracked open a packet mix of biscuits I had for some unknown reason, Boo helped make them with me. It was an exercise in finding baking things and also a great chance to see if the oven had any hot spots because I hadn't baked in it yet.

They didn't turn out too badly either.

The mini boo is now 8 weeks old, it's all gone so quickly, he's smiling and giggling at us, half rolling himself over already. Boo is still loves being a big brother and doesn't stop with the kisses and cuddles

It's really lovely.
If only things were tidier and more'll happen eventually.