Saturday, 1 May 2010

Smash the Stash

It's no secret I have tooooooo much much yarn that if I didn't buy anymore I'd probably still not get through all I have! Rav is telling me I have 149 things in my stash at the moment and over 95km's worth!

Sooooo, I've decided to pull finger, purchase as little as possible (except for a planned project I'll be needing some more Bendi for AND my Knitabulous yarn club) and knit like a demon!....I'm starting off easy and am working on a couple of worsted weight cardis....which will knock off about 1.8kms from the stash and seeing as the weather's turning faster that my needles can click, they'll be welcome additions to the wardrobe!

I'm attacking some huge 200g balls of Bendi yarn first, I think that'll spur me on, so I'll be all encouraged by the large gaps the drawers / tubs / bags of yarn!