Sunday, 26 February 2012


After a couple of weeks couped up in the new house, unpacking, reorganising, feeling overwhelmed by how much crap we have, etc....venturing out only for groceries, Hubby declared on Sunday we escape for some family time away from half painted walls and piles of boxes. We all really needed it.

Boo declared he wanted a sausage in bread, so we headed for Bunnings, needed to price up some bathroom bits and bobs anyway.

Sausages downed, we stopped off at the Sensory Park, just down the road from us in Narara. Boo had an awesome time riding his scooter around the tracks and over the bridge, he just didn't stop, while we strolled along behind him, bub fast alseep in his stroller.

It's so close, I really have to make the effort to take the boys down there again and more often....although, I'm not sure if I can keep up with speedy scooter boy.

Friday, 17 February 2012

February 2012

New bub, new house, new location, new everything!

So new manifesto/ plans/ goals for the year ahead:
• Get this new house unpacked and sorted (HA!)
• Make it a happy place for Hubby, Boo and Mini Boo….and Me.
• Don’t buy ANY yarn, for at least 6 months, anyway. (Ravelry says I have about 140k metres in my stash….FUCK!!!)
• Get the Ravelry project count to 70 and finish/frog all the WIPs.
• Watch the pennies, being on one wage again is a scary prospect, but we’ve done it before, we can do it again.
• Keep saving, even though we’re on one wage.
• Shop smarter and plan meals.
• Embrace the slow cooker – especially for making stock.
• Try making jam/ chutney.
• Learn how to use less of everything.
• Have a weekend away, just Hubby and I, once mini boo is a bit less newborn.
• Get composting.
• Plant a herb garden.
• Plant some fruit trees for next season and a passionfruit vine.
• Learn how to put in a zipper.
• Use the zipper knowledge to sew some fancy pants clothes for ME!
• Lose some excess kgs, so I look spiffy in the new fancy pants clothes.
• Get all brutal with my wardrobe and get some major piffage happening.
• Do the nutrition course I’ve wanted to do for ages.
• Make a zillion Christmas decorations for this year’s tree. (damn you Pintrest)
• Get back into doing yoga and learn how to move again.
• Take better care of myself – for everyone’s sake, not just mine.
• Drink more water, bucket loads more than I do now!
• Try to do something creative every day.
• Basically re-invent myself….pfft.

I would have posted something like this in January, but let’s face it, that entire month was pretty much a write off….with the new bub, recovering from the birth (things didn’t go so smoothly for me) and packing to move.

There'll be photos of the house soon, once we get rid of some more boxes and bags of crap.
Here's a pic of the Magnolia at the top of our drive, flowering last's almost ready to flower again and I can't wait.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

hello little one....

James was born 13th January, which also happened to be a Friday....nothing unlucky about this little guy, he's perfection.

 And his big brother loves him to bits....

We're moving to the "big house" next week, so once things settle down a bit more and we're unpaked, I'm hoping to post a lot more....hoping.