Monday, 31 December 2012

Out with the old....etc.


What a year, so much happened....all at the beginning. James joined our little family and we moved from the Inner West to the Central Coast.

Then we kind of just sat around and did sod all.

Bit of unpacking got done, bit of knitting, bit of sewing, a lot of playing with little people and washing, lots of washing....we slid easily into a new but familiar rut.

So onto 2013

I've seen a bit of this "have a word for new year, not resolutions" thing going around the webs, popped up in pinterest, on the odd blog. Not a bad idea, so if I'm going to embrace a word for the new year it's going to be


because this is pretty much me and it has been for a long time:

We have unused rooms of seen here, here and here:


Not just one room of doom....there's a spare bedroom of doom, half a rumpus room of doom and a walk in wardrobe of doom.

Our old house, while small, was FULL of storage, kitchen filled with cupboards, 3 bedrooms with wall to wall, floor to ceiling wardrobes, big laundry/storage building out the back, so for years we were blissfully unaware of how much crap we were accumulating. It all just got spirited away, unseen and forgotten about.

The crushing realization of how much crap we had became evident when we moved, into a huge by comparison house, which had very little storage. I was confronted with boxes and boxes and boxes of yarn, with nowhere to hide it and Husband became aware of how much yarn I actually had (eep). Then there were the bags of fabric and the bags and bags and bags of clothes (a side effect of working in the apparel industry and the blight of a decade's worth of sample sales).

So many toys, so many baby/childrens clothes, so many obsolete computer parts (even the husband is guilty), books, books, more books, cds, many things taking up space, cluttering up our lives, weighing us down, draining our energy. So overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, we don't know where to start and nothing gets done.

Even the pantry is a disorganized black hole of crap....ergh.

So, yes....2013 is going to the year of the great purge, where the wardrobes are gutted to make way for new handmade pieces, where I don't throw away a bag's worth of out of date groceries every other week (because I won't be buying anything we won't be using in the immediate future), where we'll be able to have a clutter free spare room and rumpus. Where our living space will be calmer and more zen. Where we'll be pulling our fingers out and making the outside space more useable for the boys and a pleasant place to be. There'll be more posts about completed crafting and planted gardens, may be posts about a first crop of blueberries or how amazing the tomatoes are, even what homemade elderflower cordial tastes like. It has to be a year of bringing less into the house, sending the excess out and doing more with what we have.

It has to be.