Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A week of endings

I know I say I don't get a lot of time to knit these days and it's true. I've also never made secret the fact that I HATE weaving in ends, etc of knitted things....even though finishing a project is the most satisfying thing ever....handing over that handmade gift and seeing happy little faces or getting all smug when someone comments on your new scarf and you can say "oh this, I made it, was just a trifle"

And those of you on Ravelry can see on my projects page that I've supposedlt knocked out a heap of scarves....well, in all honesty a lot of those scarves still had ends that needed sorting out!

So last week I sat down during sleep times or daddy play times and wove in a zillion ends!....and have added 5 scarves to my wardrobe!

Of course there's still a list as long as the proverbial of projects only half knit....but that'll be another post.


Somedays I go a bit spare at home, just me and the today I baked.

Found the recipe here, I added some orange zest, just to lift the flavour, not for taste....and the mix made a lot more than 30 cookies!!

Monday, 13 July 2009

A life in song

If someone had said to me once you have a bub you'll start narrating your daily doings in song I would have slapped my forehead in dismay, yet that's exactly what I'm doing. Life has become a stream of constant short and sweet ditties.

Little one is 16 weeks today, nearly 4 months old and I have no idea where the time has gone. He's still the sweetest thing with 2 the moment he's trying oh so hard to roll over, it's gorgeous to watch.

Although there hasn't been much of that today, poor thing has a case of the snuffles and on top of that big mean mummy took him for his 4 month jibber jabbers yesterday and he's all over the place because of those.

He still has the cooler than cool mohawk happening, god knows what sort of hair the poor kid's going to end up with!

As for anything else going on....I mentioned hubby got made redundant, well he found another job with in a couple of weeks, so it's just bub and I filling in the days!

And I've had sod all time for knitting, even though I did get some of the new Tapestry Craft brand lace yarn. The colour range is pretty impressive. The idea is to knit a couple of soft lace weight cardis for summer (pfft, yeah right)....well, the first idea was for a couple of stoles but then the cardi idea came up when I spotted the Whisper cardi that everyone is knitting.

But who knows when I'm going to get the time to concentrate on anything knitty for now!

Kiel finally got his pirate jumper though: