Thursday, 17 September 2009

Crap, it's been nearly a month!

Since I last posted....

Things have been busy busy busy!....First, lots of firsts



And I made risotto (I know, easy....but I've always been a bit weary) was YUM!

Hmm, what else....I found some rocket in the garden I thought had it has it's own pot now.

One day a gorgeous beetle crossed my path.

I made a bazillion moth bags for sorting and storing all our old clothes and some of my fabric stash that I know I won't get to for a while:

Eliza got a new cardi:

and I got new yarns....all from Etsy....BAD ME!....but hey, I'm dying to start some summer knitting....and nothing in my stash was inspiring me.

and after all that, I think I'm going to find time to whip up a few pairs of pants for niblet!