Saturday, 28 March 2009

And Hugh makes three

He's home safe and sound....and such a tooty frooty cutie....already has a little personality, even if does involve vast amounts of banshee-like screaming.
Everything went smoothly....I'm still a bit sore and sorry, but is to be expected....though the doctors reckon the c-section was text-book!....woo!!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tomorrow's the day.

And it still hasn't hit me!....and I still haven't packed.

I'm all booked in, just have to call later to confirm what time bub will be scheduled to make his appearance.

Paul's more nervous about it all than I am....bit fingernail-chewy, he says.

Bet I'm the one that doesn't sleep tonight though!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Hmm, I've become inspired

After photographing the fabrics I got yesterday, I've decided to catalogue ALL my fabrics on my flickr page....that way I won't forget what I have....and seeing as there's a truck load of the stuff, I'm VERY inclined to forget what I have.

Anyway, here's what $45 at Spotty can get you....

2 cute as all get out things for the niblet, only bought 1m of each....but he'll be little for a while!....I'll easily get a pair of jammies and a shirt out of each metre!

The next lot are for me....probably peasanty style tops for next summer....they're all cotton, bought about 1.5m of each....hoorah, more things to add to my least it's not yarn!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sometimes you're just meant to go somewhere....

Had a bit of a holy crap, do a happy dance moment today and it had nothing to do with the soon to be niblet.

I finally got in the car and went and visited The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria today....I was initially spurred on by the 20% off everything email I got from Spotty....but I never made it that far.

I've been meaning to go this place since it was in Marrickville, but never made it....but I am soooooo glad I did today, regardless of how much someone kicked and carried on in protest....because they stock Heather Bailey fabrics!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe that isn't all that exciting for any of you, but I did a little inside happy dance when I saw them! I've read Heather's blog for ages now and have been lamenting the state of the dollar for ages, wanting to get my hands on some of her prints, they really are just amazing.

The top 2 prints are from Heather Bailey, can't remember who's the bottom one is at the moment.

I also picked up this cute border embroidered fabric, $4 for 2m....complete bargain and will make a cute summer top.

I think the 3 prints will become A-line skirts, once the stomach expansion is over and I become something resembling my former self.

Oh and this place also stocks Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset fabrics too....I could have spent so much more....squeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Slowly going SPARE!!

Ok, so it's only been a week of maternity leave so far....and for most of last week I was out and about shopping, visiting, appointmenting....and started on the copious amounts of unpackaging and washing of lil people things that needs doing....but I already feel the spareness creeping in.

I've never been very good at spending time at home by myself....even when I'm off sick, after the first day I'm already going stir crazy and I guess I'm feeling it more now knowing that there's a whole year ahead of not working.

Everyone's assured me that I'll be earning my keep in so many other ways, primarily looking after one soon to be niblet....but I know there are going to be days when I'll be feeling the walls closing in and no amount of watching the cooking channel and knitting and gurgling at the sproglet will help!

Hmm, maybe I'm just noticing it at the moment because I'm just sitting around waiting for the kid to decide he's ready for this world, him just bouncing around thinking it's awesome fun to kick the crap out of me from the inside (so over that some days)....and once he's here I'll be too busy disposing of poo soaked nappies and washing wonder suits that the walls won't seem so close.

I did start a knitting project to take to hospital with me, now the yarn over row has been set up, etc it'll involve nothing more than stocking stitch till the ball runs out....which I think might be as much as I can's called the Sunday Market Shawl....but I'll probably be wearing it to the new saturday farmer's market that's started up near us....mine's being knit in Noro Kureyon Sock, so will be much finer and longer

We've had news of a friend's engagement recently....and the wedding which will be taking place in about 8 I've picked up the Lady E again, hoping to get that finished in time to wear....because god knows I'll probably be wanting to hide under something only 4-5 weeks after popping the kid....oh, and I'm thinking I'll have to knit bub his first skull and crossbones cardi to wear for the occasion....can't have bub wearing just any old jumpsuit....not to his first big event.