Tuesday, 13 November 2012

WIP it, WIP it good.

(Note: this is a pictureless post, just really a rant about all the things I haven't done, so please feel free to not bother, it's kind of long and boring)

I've lost the will to knit again, which happens to me on and off. I've been distracted by 2 gorgeous monkeys and all sorts of pretty, quick and easy Christmasy crafting (they can be other blog posts, ha!) and haven't thought much about picking up the needles.

This is a bit bad, because there's a cardi for a friend's bub who was born in September. All I have to do is sew on the sleeves and buttons, but I just can't bring myself to pick up the project and finish it.There's been plenty of dreaming about new projects to start and dicking around on Ravelry....but lately I've been embroidering or beading some felt confection for this years tree whilst queuing more cardigans. A couple of months ago, I sort of vowed to myself not mealtimeto start anymore projects till I'd cleared out most of my wips and I haven't, so that's a bit of a plus I guess.

Weekends have been busy ripping out ugly, weedy gardens, getting them ready for some cheap and cheerful plantings till we work out exactly what we want to do and then have the money to finance such endeavors. It's really just an exercise in upping the "street appeal" of the house and making me feel less depressed every time I venture out there. The herb garden is establishing itself beautifully, I'm down there pretty much every day picking tips of this and sprigs of that to pop into dinner. I'm surprised the basil hasn't been completely defoliated. It's there really is a certain smugness to be had surveying the culinary delights of a leafy herb garden. Again, I'll take some pics at some point and do a lil post on the excitement that is my herb patch. There are also trays of seeds sewn, readying themselves for garden beds and our tummies. Lots of tomatoes and capsicum and salad leaves, also heirloom radishes. So many plans for semi-self-sufficiency.

Oh, I have also managed to whip up a few hats for the boys and partake in a tea towel swap for Trough (Craft) Room. Seriously, there are so many blog posts that plop into my head around these things, it's just finding the time to write them and take pics to make the posts prettier.

The boys are so manic, most days my head is spinning trying to keep up. Biggest is now only a few months shy of 4 and Littlest has cracked the 10 month mark. They really are the cutest, most amazing lil creatures. I love them to bits, nothing makes me happier than my crazy, cheeky niblets.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. It's a bit of a name and shame of all the wips I have sitting on Ravelry, kind of a what needs doing to them and let's see how many I can get through and finish....if for my reference only.

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono - ok, this is the bad one, for a friends bub, needs sleeves sew in, buttons and ends woven in. MUST FINISH THIS!

Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi - Cardi for Littlest, knitting the 12-18mnths size, so it's really for next year, one sleeve, button bands and buttons and weaving in to go.
Boo's Easy Pullover - ergh, I started knitting one size and it looked too big, knit the smaller and it was just a teeny bit too small for Boo, had the great idea to knit strips to insert on the underside of the sleeves and sides of the body, sewed one in and it's all bunched and crappy. So poo to that idea, have to take out the insert and sew it up as is for Littlest when he's bigger. AND knit another one for Boo, because it's a really great pattern.

Tea Leaves - started this back in February and it was flying along, till I had to finish my Lady E for a wedding. Ok, this just needs the button bands (which I'd already knit one of but picked up too many stitches), buttons and to re-knit one of the cuffs on smaller needles (I forgot to change them over) and then deal with the ends. I love this cardi, so if it's not ready for next winter, I deserve to have my knitting card suspended.

Georgia - I started this back when I was first pregnant with Littlest, to while away the hours sitting in waiting rooms doing numerous glucose tolerance tests, but it was 4ply and felt endless and soul sapping. When I picked it up again a year later the knitting flew by, anyway, it still needs a sleeve and buttons.
Boo's Shawl Neck Jumper - I don't know why I can't finish knitting things for the boys, they're small and quick. I can't even remember what size I was knitting, so will probably frog it and restart for Boo. He's a bit of a sweaty betty, so he'll only get to wear this in the coldest days of winter, good thing it can be passed down.
Not-so-shrunken Cardi - Ugh! The fit is awful on me, I could have knit a smaller size and it needs lots of tweaking around the bust. Another for the frog pond.
2x6 scarf - This has been hanging around for years, I love the scarf, it's just a 2x2 rib, alternating every 6 rows. I wish hubby was trendier, it's a great manly man scarf. Pretty sure this one just needs to be cast off and the ends woven in. Or maybe there's another ball of yarn and I have to find it??
Leafy Goodness - this is blocked and just waiting for the ends to be woven in.
BooBot Vest - such a cute pattern and colour combo, yarn is divine to knit with too. I've only knit the back, so will finish it off for Littlest, once I work out which size I was knitting.

Drop Stitch Scarf - just needs ends woven in.

Chunky Monkey Short Sleever - Another Ugh, destined for frogging. I LOVE the colour of this yarn, just have to find the right project, it's very chunky. (just like me really)

Diagonal Rib Scarf - Lovely and squishy, this is another victim of the not-woven-in-ends malady.

I palindrome I - Blocked and ready for some weaving in of ends!

Forest Canopy - Shawl 3 for 2010 - This was supposed to be part of the "10 shawls in 2010" - FFS!!! Anyway, this was a quick knit, surprisingly, BUT needed a severe blocking but we didn't have the space in our old house, with a niblet and pins, disaster!! So now it's blocked and waiting, you guessed it....to have the ends woven in.

My One Skeiner - Shawl 2 for 2010 - blocked, waiting for ends.

Multnomah - Shawl 1 for 2010 - this came to a screaming halt when I got to the patterned edge. No idea why, it's a cute pattern.
Boo2's Telemark - way too small, frogged, just have to wash the yarn and re-wind ready for something else.
Cropped Cardi - very embarrassing to admit, but this has been kicking around since 2007. I hate the YO increases on the raglan seams. I've come so far knitting-wise and this just isn't me anymore. Will frog and re-claim yarn.
Saturday Market Scarf - This was completed and worn, but I hated the way the cast on and cast off edges were too tight for the drop titch detail. It's been frogged and awaiting a wash and rewind.

Niblet's non-sparkleberry - can't remember why this wasn't sparkling. This has been knit twice, it was too small the first time, so I frogged it and started again, but it never got there. I'll frog and wash the yarn and see if it's salvageable and use it for the Littlest.
So, there you have it. Can't half tell I hate weaving in ends. I'm going to get over the spareness of Christmas, then hunker down and get some (if not all) of these things wearable!