Friday, 30 December 2011

The year that was....the year that will be....

Christmas is done....and new year's only a few hours away....Boo got his "lego city" fire station, so it's all ending on a high.

But 2011 wasn't really ALL that exciting compared to what's coming up....

New bub, moving into our house, leaving Sydney, leaving my job/career, becoming a stay at home mum for a couple of years, maybe even going back to uni.

There are so many things I want to accomplish with my time, I'm hoping that life doesn't always get in the way!....there's a massive stash of yarn and fabric that needs to have a dent made in it....and there's decorating projects that will all make the house a home for 2 gorgeous little monkeys and their parents.

It will also mean moving closer to my parents and sisters (plus their families) which will be so lovely for Boo and Boo2, being able to see so much more of everyone.

It's exhilarating and terrifying....I'm dreading it and desperately looking forward to it all at the same here's to what will be....

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feature walls

Hmm, can't say I've ever loved the feature walls in our soon to be home. Painting will be begin post-bub!....everything in these pics will become a super pale grey.

In other news, bub's due in 3 weeks and I'm in all sorts of uncomfortable if he decides he doesn't want to wait 3 weeks, I won't complain.

I did complete the 5 ornament challenge on time....I love how these turned out and they were so super easy to make, I'll definitely be making more for our tree next year, along with all the other ornaments I'm let's see how much of it actually happens!

First things first though....bub needs to get here....then we can concentrate on creating a special space in a new home for the niblets.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Simplified and Overwhelmed

4 weeks to go.

I'm finished with work for now, so that's a major weight off. I was just too uncomfortable sitting at my desk all day and I've got ANOTHER sinus infection, that's entering it's fourth week. So I'm completely over this being pregnant thing.

Boo's talking about when bub arrives now, which is really lovely. He's completely gone into mother hen mode with me being sick. As soon as I start coughing, he's there patting me, telling daddy that mummy needs to go to the hospital. Here he is having a belly moment....

Even though I've finished work, it's still going to be a super busy time for us, even without the arrival of Boo2. We gave our tenants notice a few weeks ago, so that had till mid-Feb to move out....well, they'll be out today!! All of a sudden my relaxing pre-Christmas is going to involve a couple of trips up to the house to meet with trades people and organise quotes, so we can get work started ASAP.

Guess this might mean a new direction for some blogging, lots of before and afters of the rooms....I've got all these ideas in my head, it'll be interesting to see if I can make them work. Outside needs a lot of work, but we'll be tackling that as we'll give me some blog-fodder anyway! Again grand plans for the gardens, I want lush and green, but not tropical, if that makes sense? Also, I'm hell bent on growing lots of edible things....let's hope I can remember some of what I learnt in my uni days.

I've managed to fit in some crafting. The craft group I'm a part of had a lil Christmas gathering and ornament swap last weekend and I managed to whip this up....

I love how my lil gingerbread bread house turned out. My nieces loved it too, so I have the job of making 5 more before this weekend, when we get together for the family Christmas....I'll be stitching like a mad woman, in between hospital appointments, last scans, meetings with tradies AND maybe some packing....but that's just another stress I really don't want to think about right now.