Thursday, 28 June 2007

Stash enhancement

Spent a few hours today wandering around the Craft Fair, it was mostly a nightmare of scrapbooking paraphernalia and several other naff crafts that seem to attract the 65+ crowd, but there were also some opportunities to add to the stash!

A couple of my favourite suppliers were there, Bendigo Woollen Mills where I picked up 2 colours of gorgeous fluffy mohair for $3 a ball and some divine 8ply in a cobalt blue and violet twist (all enough to furnish the wardrobe with some spanky new cardis!). Kaalund were also there, I’ve bought 2ply lace yarn from them before and their colour combinations are like walking into a gelato shop in spring.

Got me lil mitts on some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn (for scarves, not socks) and some Noro Aurora, which I’ve not seen before. New Zealand were represented by a company called Touch Yarns and I’m now the proud owner of some 2ply Mohair/Merino mix, feels so nice, I want to curl up and sleep in it!

So, I’ve now got even more to keep me busy! Because I didn’t have enough yarn to do that already, did I??

Not a lot more to report on the lil stripey jumper, I’m about half way up the hood. Just couldn’t knit last night, my bodgey wrist was giving me grief and I can’t keep knocking back the pain killers to get me through. I’ll hopefully have that finished over the weekend, so I can start playing with my new yarny friends.

Oh yeah….colour knitting class tomorrow at Tapestry Craft too….WOOOO!!!

(Sorry about the rubbish pic of my purchases, the light was terrible)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Show us your back, love

Ok….and I’ll show you most of the front as well!!

So, I’m a little behind where I wanted to be by this stage, I was hoping to have had the front finished and be starting the sleeves tonight. Didn’t knit a stitch on Monday night, bad me and I wasn't happy the few rows of the neck/hood shaping I did last night , so I’ve just finished un-knitting them.

I’m dreading weaving in all those ends, which I’m thinking will have to be done before I start the seaming. Note to self: next time with stripes, do the maths before you start and just carry the damn yarn up the side!! Oh well, live and learn, etc….

Loving the yarn I’m knitting with though, it’s from Bendigo Woolen Mill, a lovely 12ply machine washable 100% wool. It’s twisted, not crepey like some machine washables can be. As much as I would have loved an excuse to go out and buy the pale blue cashmere blend that the pattern called for, there’s no way I could be that mean to my sister! Hey sis, here’s that jumper I told you I was knitting for Lil Sir Niblet for his big first birthday, it’s hand wash only and cost a bomb, so make sure he doesn’t get it dirty, you know by doing little boy things in it and all.

I must admit though, it’s been tough being a one project girl since the weekend, there are a couple of unfinished scarves on the coffee table begging me to pick them up and knit a few rows, but I’ve been strong.

Although, I really want to drag out the balls of deep mauve Cleckheaton Studio Mohair I have in the stash once I’ve finished this. One of the girl’s in the office had the most divine cardi on today, fitted, round neck, 1x1 ribbing around the waist for shape, but then it was decorated with rays of graduating sequins (I think) coming from the neck, I know, makes NO sense, sounds naff, but it looked great and I want to knit then bead something similar.

Actually, I bid on 10 balls of the same yarn in a gorgeous delicate mint colour on Ebay today….was thinking same sort of cardi with the same beading, maybe self coloured, maybe in a lovely contrasting lilac. All lovely and soft and pretty….very unlike me!

I have promised Mum a scarf before I do anything else, got a couple of balls of Noro Silk Garden for her for Mother’s Day back in May, she’s approved the colour but I haven’t settled on a pattern to do it justice yet.

Curse my stash and it’s seductive ways.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Fearing the jumper....

Ok, I posted on Tuesday about how I was SUPPOSED to start knitting my nephew a jumper….well, I did start….but it’s only about 7cm of starting.

The stripes are kind if bugging me, it’s a hoody, so I’m thinking the stripe thing just isn’t going to keep traveling up as well as I envisaged . Might just go stripes to the shoulder seams and have a solid navy hood, I don’t know, it’s thrown me into a tizz. So much so, I’ve been picking up every WIP and UFO in the place and working on them rather than this one, itty bitty jumper.


It’s 12ply yarn knitted on 5mm needles, for a whole 30cm, so it’ll knit up in no time for poo sake….so why can’t I just settle in for the night, in front of some crap TV, glass of wine at the ready and KNIT??

The scariest part now is that I have less than 2 weeks to complete it, his party is on the
7th July, I’m going to have to really pull fingy on this on L

To make things worse, there’s a Craft Fair thing on next weekend, where I’m going to go on a yarn bender AND I’m doing a colour knitting class at Tapestry Craft. The temptation to start phaffing around with things that I’ve either learnt or purchased will be completely overwhelming, I might have to locked in a room with only the wool for the damn jumper and my 5mm bamboos….oh and that glass of wine.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


It’s cold and it’s wet and the rain won’t stop.

AND we’re supposed to be getting a BIG storm tonight sometime too. I’m longing for just a few hours of sun and something resembling warmth!

Luckily the yarn I ordered to knit my nephew’s birthday jumper arrived in the mail today, so that will keep me busy and glued to the lounge. It’s a cute little hoodie from a Debbie Bliss book, except I’m doing it in navy, cream and maroon stripes. It might even be my first finished knitted garment!! I’m a wiz at knocking out the scarves, however I have bags full of half knitted jumpers and cardis! Bad me!!

Well fingers crossed, I have a July 6th deadline to meet….ARGH!!!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

To Blog or not to Blog….

I’ve umm’d and ahh’d about this whole blog thing for ages, probably for as long as I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. Always lurking, never commenting, just wallowing in the inspiration they so delightfully deliver on a most oft daily basis.

Every time I’ve been just about to jump on the ol’ blogging band wagon I’m overwhelmed by the lack of anything interesting I’d have to say about anything! Then I thought fuck it….

So here I am, about to commit most probably a large amount of shite and drivel to a cyber world already full of shite and drivel….and lots of naked chicks.