Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quick and Cute

Whipped up this very cute little vest for a friends bub the other week, it was the first time we'd met Lachlan. His big brother Alex and Boo are the same age. Alex born in January, Boo in March. This time around Goob was born in January, Lachlan in March.

Alex and Lachlan came to visit the last miniature train day, which is just around the corner from us and the boys had so much fun (we all did)....I keep thinking about the Pineapple Coconut Upside Down Cake from Zumbo we were lucky enough to have, YUM!

Anyway, the vest took just over a ball and a half of yarn....

Details are rav'd here.

Boo is such a hot lil monkey, I've never really knit anything for him. Goob on the other hand likes to be snuggly, so I have to pull finger and get something light knit for him, for those cooler spring days....seeing as winter is as good as over.

There's half a sleeve to go on my Tea Leaves that might not be seeing too much wear-action this year, good thing I won't be growing out of it.