Monday, 10 March 2008

There’s a Munchedroom in my garden

I’m guessing this is another side effect of all the rain we’ve been having? A munched on mushroom, the cross sections very cool though, like the fairies needed more light from in the middle of the lemon thyme jungle, so they smashed a hole through a wall of their house!

Spotted bulbs at K-Fart over the week, so I bought a few packs to fill the garden full of spring colour….just have to plant the suckers before we leave for NZ….otherwise I’ll just keep putting it off.

Nothing mush else is happening around here, except for too many hours on WoW and knitting (of course). Got stuck back into my lil soon to be niece’s blanky on Saturday night, the increasing width is starting to hit the mindless knitting zone though, so I usually need a wine or two to keep me motivated.

The noro stripes are striping away. I know many months ago I was banging on about how icky Noro was to knit with, well I've changed my mind and I'm currently on a Noro of all types really is the colours that do it to you.

and the knitting ADHD has reared it’s head again :

I tried not to, but I’ve started on the new Zephyr pattern 2830, using the yarn that I bought for my Lady Eleanor, but it’s so perfect for this cardi, I’m not that fussed….I’ll be making a few modifications to the pattern though, like another good 10cms in length! I’m too scared to add it to Ravelry though, I hate seeing all my languishing WIPS (well, there is only 2-3 at the moment that have really been neglected, the other’s are all fairly fresh)

And hey it’s a good excuse to go and purchase some more Silk Garden for the entrelac, when I finally get some other things finished!