Tuesday, 17 February 2009

6 weeks to go....

Yep, niblet's due to make his appearance on the 29th March....so I have a whole week and a bit left at the orifice and then 4 weeks of panic last minute shopping....and then just panic.

I've been meaning to post pics of all the dresses I made for the girl's for Christmas and of course Kiel's priate jumper....but you know how it is, this whole pregnancy lark seems to sap either motivation, energy or mental capacity....sometimes all three at the same time, so most nights are spent in front of foxtel, pointy sticks in hand, knitting away!

Friend's of ours had their first bub at the end of January, lil Alexander James and I DO have a pic of the lil cardi I made him, whipped it up in just a few nights it was a nice easy and very teeny tiny knit, so it wasn't such a stretch when it came to concentration.

Hopefully, once I'm not working anymore (now there's a thought I STILL can't get my head around), I'll get a bit more organised and take photos of everything and get blogging a bit more....and then the snorglet will arrive and I'll forget what freshly washed hair and sleep feel like.

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Sarah said...

6 weeks! I can't believe it! I can't wait to meet your lil bub :)
Hey I love the labels you're putting onto the clothing you make - made by rissa. Such a great idea, they look so professional. Take care my dear

xx Sarah