Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sometimes you're just meant to go somewhere....

Had a bit of a holy crap, do a happy dance moment today and it had nothing to do with the soon to be niblet.

I finally got in the car and went and visited The Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria today....I was initially spurred on by the 20% off everything email I got from Spotty....but I never made it that far.

I've been meaning to go this place since it was in Marrickville, but never made it....but I am soooooo glad I did today, regardless of how much someone kicked and carried on in protest....because they stock Heather Bailey fabrics!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe that isn't all that exciting for any of you, but I did a little inside happy dance when I saw them! I've read Heather's blog for ages now and have been lamenting the state of the dollar for ages, wanting to get my hands on some of her prints, they really are just amazing.

The top 2 prints are from Heather Bailey, can't remember who's the bottom one is at the moment.

I also picked up this cute border embroidered fabric, $4 for 2m....complete bargain and will make a cute summer top.

I think the 3 prints will become A-line skirts, once the stomach expansion is over and I become something resembling my former self.

Oh and this place also stocks Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset fabrics too....I could have spent so much more....squeeeeeeeee!

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