Sunday, 10 May 2009

Smiles and curls

We hit 7 weeks tomorrow and there's so many giggles and smiles that all the screaming and general grouchiness of the first few weeks seems like so long ago....I know there's still plenty more screaming and grouchiness to come, but the gurgles and cooes make it all so much more fun!

He has the most insane hair, with this big sweeping curl on's just the CUTEST thing ever!!
And he loves his dad to bits....

On the good and bad news front, hubby got made redundant last biggest YAY for having him home for the next few's just a buggar we're going to have to dip into our savings to cover living expenses....but hey, them's the breaks and at least we have some money in the bank....we're very very lucky!

Just means the Bendy Luxury order I have sitting in my shopping cart will have to wait a while....forcing me to knit from my stash and finish some long neglected projects....might be a blessing in disguise and all that, really....hubby home to help look after bub for a bit = more knitting time for me!

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