Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bloody Hell!

Well, it's been a LOT longer than a month this time....I've been meaning to sit down and blog, I swear....but as Niblet's getting bigger and more mobile, he's even more demanding of my time....it's play, play, play ALL the time!....and resucing him from potentially precarious situations....not that I'm really complaining that much....it's been so lovely being at home with him.

So much has happened since the last post....in the last few months we've gone from sitting to crawling to standing to almost walking....also lots of conversing in jibbersh....Hugh's just a bit over 10 months....which means it's only a couple of weeks till I'm back at work full time.

The thought of leaving him 5 days of the week is so awful I can't stand it, but I also know I have to get back into the real world....it's a pretty insular world being a stay at home mum, even though we go out lots and see lots of people, there are some weeks when you think crap, I haven't left the house for 3 days....although, I'm very proud of the fact I always managed to be showered and dressed before lunch time, even on the worst days.

My huge to do list has hardly been touched, no surprise there....I've been chugging along with the knitting and I managed the christmas dress sewing....the one thing I have done though is gotten a bit more interesting with my cooking....made a quinoa veggie curry the other week....YUM....and there have been some great pantry raids, chuck it in the pot sort of dinners....like, lamb fillet, tin of toms, potatoes and onion, with a handful of fresh herbs....bubble away, worked a treat.

There have been many treats courtesy of the Domestic Goddess cookbook, I think the absolute gem was the fresh gingerbread with lemon icing....sorry, no photos, it all got eaten.

Anyway, I still find it amazing that this little guy:

Has grown up into this not as little guy:

Now all I have to do is sort out his First Birthday party!

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