Friday, 4 November 2011

Planning, Planning

9 weeks to go before Boo2 makes his appearance and we still haven't really got anything organised. Seems we're concentrating more on all things house, chosing paint colours, shopping up big at the new Ikea, which just happens to be next door to my office (shame that). Even buying prints and fabrics for the boys rooms and planning play spaces for them.

We STILL have to get up to storage and get all the baby clothes back, so we can wash and assess. I have started knitting one lil bubby cardi for the new bub, but even that's taking a while (sigh).

Planning what I'll do blogging-wise next year, which will be more often for a start! But seeing as we'll be in the house, I'm sure there'll be lots of before and after room posts. I also want to get a lot more crafty and get sewing some of the fabric I have piled up (I have a feeling you'll be seeing a few pillowcase tops)....also knitting a lot more of that yarn, that's part of a stupidly big stash!

I'm even thinking about and planning Christmas next year!!!....seeing as it'll be the first in the big new house, we'll be having everyone over to our place, for a massive family christmas, like we used to have when i was little. I've even decided where the tree's going to go. I'm planning decorations to make, even found the most divine avent calendar that is begging to be made (x2)....thank you Purl Bee!!

That's about all the news I have for now....will post some pics of the itty bitty cardi when it's done (project details here, for now)

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