Sunday, 26 February 2012


After a couple of weeks couped up in the new house, unpacking, reorganising, feeling overwhelmed by how much crap we have, etc....venturing out only for groceries, Hubby declared on Sunday we escape for some family time away from half painted walls and piles of boxes. We all really needed it.

Boo declared he wanted a sausage in bread, so we headed for Bunnings, needed to price up some bathroom bits and bobs anyway.

Sausages downed, we stopped off at the Sensory Park, just down the road from us in Narara. Boo had an awesome time riding his scooter around the tracks and over the bridge, he just didn't stop, while we strolled along behind him, bub fast alseep in his stroller.

It's so close, I really have to make the effort to take the boys down there again and more often....although, I'm not sure if I can keep up with speedy scooter boy.


Suzy said...

That looks like a great park! Have you been to the Japanese garden in Gosford yet? My two love that one, very good for hide and seek (although you have to watch out for the pond)

'rissa said...

Yep, we're run chased Boo around the Japanese gardens, waiting for him to jump in the pond and scare the fish!