Wednesday, 18 July 2012

So many things

Where to start? There's been an awful lot going on, so I may as well just dump it all into one post because who knows when I'll post again!? I've had every intention of making this a more regular thing, but it never seems to happy.

Goobs hit the 6 month mark last week, he's such a happy little nomlet, giggling non-stop, getting scarily close to looking like crawling. As much as I love watching him grow, it's hard watching my itty bitty bubba disappear.

Boo loves his little brother so much, they were watching Chuggington together in the pic above. I know Boo wishes Goobs was bigger and less squishy, so he could play with him more.

On the knitting front, 2 projects have been that had been on the needles for 4 years (appalling, I know) and something that was finished in record time for me. Firstly, the Lady Eleanor, an epic entrelac piece, a spectacular looking knit, just not very exciting.

The next project was a super quick knit, the Gaptastic Cowl, 3 balls of Dream in Colour Groovy on 8mm needles, it is sooooooo super warm and toasty. Perfect for this arctic weather we've been having. Who knew the Central Coast hinterlands would be that much colder than Sydney?? I consider this to be the beginning of the Soccer Saturday knitting, I know it's a couple of years off, but I'm already preparing for those freezing mist filled morning watching little people kick a ball about.

I broke my self-imposed fabric/yarn buying ban, buying some fabric to make a super hero cape for Boo, so I don't think it really counts. He loves it to bits and I was pretty damned chuffed with the result. I sort of followed a tutorial from Suzy at Floating World Views. It was the first time I had ever appliqu├ęd anything, which was quite nerve wracking, there was plenty of scrap fabric practices before I was confident enough to move onto the finished product.

I started meal planning and it's working brilliantly! Just popped some black cardboard into a couple of frames and huzzah! We have a To Do list and weekly meal board. Makes things so much easier as mealtime/ bathtime looms, I already know what I have to do for dins, so there's not the old panic of "Oh god, what I am going to cook", it also means that there's a lot more variety happening, I'm not just relying on the same old fall back recipes that were too easy.

There's still been plenty of pottering been happening around the house. Doing so much, seeming to get nowhere. Mum and Dad have been a tremendous help, with runs to the tip, constructing flat-packed furniture and such. The biggest thing we've had done is getting rid of a few ill-planted trees, there was a huge Liquid Amber in the front yard, that was lifting the drive and causes the brickwork in the stairs to crack....not to mention the gutter blocking tonne of leaves and spiky seed pods that it started dropped as soon as the weather turned. It was a magnificent tree, I was a bit sorry to see it go, it was just planted in a bad spot.



Still have to work out what we're doing in the gardens, I'm even erring toward natives, for easy and fuss free. Then concentrate on the backyard being where all the fruit and veg action happens.

As for things from previous posts....well, I did cook quinoa a few times, failed epically on the amaranth and millet. I haven't bought any yarn, WOO!!! And I haven't lost any weight, although I haven't put any on either, so it's not all bad!

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