Friday, 17 August 2007

*Sigh* I’m in love

There are 2 new loves in my life….my set of Knitpicks and Ravelry.

Both have been around for a few weeks now, there are already a couple of new projects on the knitpicks and I’ve only just had the chance to really sit down and play with on the ravelry site.

My new needles are a dream to knit with, all shiny and smooth, but not too slippy and that memory-less cord, pure ecstasy. They are making the knitting of the eyelet swirls scarf so easy! I finished my nephew's hoodie with them (they could not have been MORE perfect for picking up stitches!) and I’m now attempting the Blue Sky Alpaca Cropped Cardi....never fear fragile readers, I am making it longer because I look like a stumpy box in anything cropped.

Looking at all the profiles over on Ravelry, I’m feeling all inspired to now pull my entire stash to pieces and start photographing every last ball/ hank/ skein and every near done, half done and newly cast on project I can lay my hands on. I’ve been trawling through all the pictures of cardigans people are knitting, falling in love with the look of patterns that I’ve previous skimmed over, it’s funny how much more appealing things can look in a different colour.

There are scores of knitters out there creating things from Fitted Knits, a book I’ve owned since its release, looked through a few times, but always put aside in favour of other projects. Had to re-evaluate that somewhat, now I’ve seen what other people have done with the patterns. And there’s something about Interweave’s Nantucket Jacket that I’m really starting to like.

Just what I need, more things to add to the “Some Day” pile!! *Sigh*

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