Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Back to the knitting

Finally got through the final pages of Harry Potter on Sunday, so the knitting has started again in earnest!

Nearly done with Mum’s silk garden scarf, I’ve been working on it at lunchtime and all the girls at work think it’s just gorgeous, so BIG YAY!!! My version in the Aurora has come to a grinding halt, it’s such yucky yarn to knit with I’m kind of avoiding picking it up again.

The lil hoody is finished, sort of almost, just got some seaming to finish, but I’m using crap light as an excuse again and I’m only working on it on weekends, when I can sit on the balcony with all the lovely natural light making my job much easier.

I’m onto something else already of course, a scarf in Filatura di Crosa’s Zara (see the pic for the pattern I’m using, from the first Vogue Stitchionary – I am hoping to get the WHOLE book for my birthday, fingers crossed). This yarn is so stunningly easy to knit with, it’s light and lofty and a complete and utter dream. The scarf is already about 2 balls long and in a lovely pale bluey mauve colour (think it's called periwinkle)….YUM YUM YUM, love it to bits.
Almost forgot! I really liked the final Harry, some of the loses were heartbreaking when they happened but it was such a great end to a much loved adventure, wrapped up in a way that seemed just right. I’m thinking sometime in the not too distant future I’ll be starting the whole thing again, when Harry was still living under the stairs in Privet Drive.

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mel said...

Miss Riss, that scarf is going to beautiful! I'm glad you are going to go with that pattern. It looked v cute last time I saw it. Keep a'goin' girl!