Tuesday, 9 October 2007

No apologies

Started my Clapotis on the weekend and it's knitting up a treat, I've always been a lil bit scared to start because it looks a bit complicated and beyond me....but pfft to that....it's easy peasy pants!! There's nothing scary about it at all, just a weeny bit of concentration needed....so I banish my husband from the room while I knit. I love knitting it so much it'll be finished within the next week or so, no doubt!! I'm doing it in the Handmaiden Seasilk and the drape and feel of the fabric that's being created is stunning!

Got me thinking though, about a knitting class I used to go to and how it used to be such a great social outlet for me, but ended up with me being embarrassed to take anything too interesting to class.

I've been able to knit for years, mum taught me when I was younger....but I didn't pick up the pointy sticks again in earnest till about 2004. I was a dab hand at knitting garter stitch scarves, but not much else, so I decided to do a knitting class through a local evening college. It was great, I learnt how to knit rib (I didn't actually know about yarn forward thing) and read a pattern, the girls in the class were a lot of fun, some returning term after term just for the social aspect. So I decided to join them and kept enrolling. Anything more advanced in terms of technique I taught myself or shuffled of to “shock horror” a class at Tapestry Craft, the evening college teacher had an open dislike of lace knitting or anything that involved more complex than moss stitch and often made comments about me knitted complicated things to show the others up.

Ok, I know most of the people in the class were beginners and that the perfect place for them was spotlight or big w, because of their cheap and cheerful yarn range, and when you have NO idea what you're doing, a $2 ball of acrylic is a great place to start, but as my confidence in my ability grew the more I began to appreciate better quality yarns and the results I’d get from them.

The first special project I knit myself was a feather and fan scarf in the softest cream baby alpaca....I was pretty chuffed with the result (even though there was a mistake or two), but when I took it to class to show them, it was all about how much the yarn cost...."you paid $11 a ball and it took 5 balls???????"....um, yeah, 5 balls, but it's really beautiful and soft and it was less than $60 and you couldn't buy the same thing for that and besides, I love wearing it....but some people couldn't get past the cost.

Then I had the audacity to turn up with a couple of balls of Noro Silk Garden, the uproar that caused because I'd spent $17 a ball!! After that I was labeled the DINK (double income no kids) and I never went back.

Anyway, I don't like that I was made to feel bad about having a bit of spare cash....hey, I work hard, so does hubby....we can spend what we like on whatever we like....and I chose to buy beautiful yarn that I can fall in love with before it even hits the needles and shoes....he buys rare whiskeys and things for his computers....we're grown ups, we're allowed!!

And speaking of beautiful yarn....I discovered The Knittery.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I like the Knittery, maybe if I behave myself my daughter might teach me to knit things better than plain stocking stitch, think I'll ask her

Rose Red said...

Oh I'm with you! It is so worth knitting with fabulous yarns if you can afford to buy them. Your seasilk clappy looks fabulous!