Monday, 15 October 2007

The yarn stops here

I, like many knitters, am afflicted with a terrible malady, the inability to stop purchasing yarn. I reckon my yarn purchasing to actual time to knit with said yarn ratio is easily 8:1….for every 8 garments worth of yarn I buy, I really truly only have time to knit 1 of them.

Photographing my stash for Ravelry has definitely highlighted the issue….that and having to stuff packets of yarn under the sofa and bed, because I’ve run out of space in my “craft” area. Hubby even cleaned out some his computer things shelves and I filled them in about 5 minutes flat.

Sometimes I buy the yarn with no particular project in mind (like the Knittery purchases below, they’ll become some sort of wrap, just don’t know which ones) other times I become obsessed with the idea of knitting a particular pattern and just HAVE to get the yarn NOW to knit it, but then something shiny distracts me and I’m casting on something else.

The 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I ordered from the states haven’t even arrived yet, again I was obsessing about knitting the Short Sleeve Vintage Cardi in the new Jo Sharp Knit 4, but I’ll be too busy with the Clappy to even think about it for a couple more weeks.

Anyway, I guess the point to this tale is that I’ve decided NO MORE YARN will be purchased (except if it’s for something specific, like baby things, seeing as my little sister and dear friend in Canada-land are both expecting). I just can't do it, I have to knit with what I have, I know there are more and more gorgeous things out there in yarn-land waiting for me to stretch forth me little mitts to grasp with glee, but they are just going to have to wait.

So, here it in writing:

I, Larissa, being of soundish mind but less sound body, hereby swear not to purchase any yarn in a frivolous fashion till half my stash has been transformed from fuzzy balls of yarn into wearable garments or usable things.

Now let's see how long that lasts shall we....

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mel said...

I like the declaration Rissa but can anyone say "Bull...."? I lnow you are of soundish mind my sweet but come on now!!!!