Monday, 19 November 2007

Lemons on a stick and a blank canvas

It was a weekend full of gardening goodness, Mum and Dad came down on Saturday and blitzed through the backyard, fixed the front gate, put the bbq up. Well, ok Dad did all those things, Mum and I went to the nursery and purchased greenery for the getting there garden. Biggest hugs and kisses to them both for doing so much around here too....helping us move as well as the garden!!

Hubby’s long time buddy Dave unearthed a little Lemon tree on his farm for us, after my drunken ramblings on Friday night about wanting citrus, bless his little cotton socks. Ok, at the moment it’s really just a stick with a few leaves, but with a bit of TLC, we’ll be harvesting lemons in no time! I can feel a batch of lemon curd coming on. There are plans for a lime and maybe a blood orange too, nothing like sipping a good vodka, lime and soda whilst munching on a straight out of the oven piece of blood orange syrup cake....but I can’t do everything at once!

So the mushroom compost has been dug through and there’s been a bit of daily watering happening, the newly created blank gardening canvas will start to get planted out this coming weekend, weather permitting. Now the thing's empty, I have a whacking great 1.4 x 3.3m to work with!!

Can't wait to start harvesting all the fresh herbs and getting my hands dirty again....I’m getting a bit excited!

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