Sunday, 4 November 2007

Moving Sucks....but at least it's over!

Well, almost! We've been in our new place now for about a week, cute little house that it is!

It's a bit of a reality check moving from shiny and new where we've been living for the last few years into an old cranky terrace that's been severely beaten with the DIY stick. There's also the becoming reacquainted with nature that's proving to be a bit tough, because nature comes in the form of GIANT black cockroaches that have a habit of scampering across your path in the half light or come flying in through open windows whilst your pouring yourself a stiff whiskey to recover from the last altercation with a 6 legged beast sibling!

I got all evil on their arses during the week and went postal with a can of fast-knock-down-lure-and-kill-till-dead-dead-DEAD roach spray and we were greeted by a sea of carnage the next morning, all over the front yard, all over the footpath and up the street. There were corpses strewn everywhere, I felt so happy surrounded by so much roachy death. I'm having to watch my back though, I know they're plotting revenge most foul!

The whole knitting thing has gone by the way whilst I'm still elbow deep in boxes. I had all my WIPs set aside all ready for the move so I could find them straight away, but I just can't get into anything that it contains at the moment (including the clappy). I've tried, but while I'm still surrounded by chaos and it does my head it trying to count rows, it's just not going to happen. I need everything in the right place before I can feel at home enough to knit again.

I'm looking forward to getting the sewing machine whirring and the needles clicking and the beads a'beading....and everything shall be as it was, just in a different location.

Oh....almost forgot the best bit....I have a garden, it's only small, but there's plenty of room for all the herbs I could ever want to grow!!

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