Tuesday, 8 January 2008

It's all over!

The Festive Season has just whirled by in a blink and miss it kind of way. I didn’t take any time off work, so this just added to the speed at which it all happened.

Christmas time with my nieces and nephew is always lovely, they have such a great time playing together and they love getting presents, so it’s all very exciting. I love getting together with mum, dad and my sisters and brother-in-laws too, seeing as everyone’s left me in Sydney and lives on the Central Coast now, I don’t see them as much as I’d like.

Working and having days off mid-week completely throws me, I kept thinking it’s Monday or Friday, even though I’ve only been at work 2 days, or had one day off. Hubby asked me when we’d done something….and it felt like I had no concept of time.

There was a first this Christmas too....I decided to try my hand at making truffles and I’m pretty chuffed with the way they turned out, seeing as I didn’t have a lot of time in the lead up to the festivities to dedicate to making them!!....I made pistachio and orange in white chocolate, violet in milk chocolate and raspberry in dark chocolate (even found some freeze dried powdered raspberries to dust them in, very decadent.)

At least the days off have given me a chance to get in and work in the garden a bit. The weeds pop up so quickly and everything becomes a carpet of green, just not all of it a good green. Although, the herbs are going mad and we’ve had a few handfuls baby tomatoes off the vine, wrapped in fresh basil and tied with garlic chives….YUM!!!

The babies above are going to be tossed through some pasta with fresh basil, garlic and pine nuts for dinner tonight.

Planted some bean and cucumber seeds a couple of weeks ago and they’re big enough to be planted on for hardening before hitting the garden. And the repeat harvest lettuce kind of look more like leaves than just sprouts. I’m hoping for a late summer, seeing as it’s been pretty non-existent so far, because I’ve taken a punt and have sewn some more tomato seeds as well, very late in the season!

As for New Years Resolutions, well….pfft, I’ve never really made them before and if I have I’ve never come close to keeping them. You don’t know how many times I’ve vowed to clean out my wardrobe, or knit more or bead more or even go for regular pedicures. So sod it, the only thing I’ve decided I’m going to do this year is learn how to knit socks (oh and get back to pilates/yoga) :p

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