Monday, 25 February 2008

I know I've been quiet

I’ve been a bit remiss lately with my lack of all things bloggy. There’s been no particular reason, except for laziness and knitting.

Caught up with some friends Friday night and one of them mentioned that they’d found my blog and was now cyber stalking me….well more like asking how the garden was going and I felt that I’d better post something!

So what’s been happening?

The garden’s a bit of a mess after all the rain we’ve been having, the cucumber and bean seedlings all rotted off and all my tomatoes have split on the vines because of all the extra water. It’s herb madness though and I’ve had to chop back the basil and mint. And the weeds have been loving it too.

You can see a couple of sad bird pecked tomatoes hanging on the vine in the my dreams of living on nothing but salad fresh from garden of the McLaughlin household have been dashed for this season….I’ll just have to start again next spring.

I did add a blood orange tree to my citrus collection so now the lemon has a friend.

Knitting has been going well, in the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten back into wielding the pointy sticks with gay abandon. The Clapotis is finally done, just the ends to weave in. I’ve managed to knock off the balls of Noro Aurora I had laying about, only thing is I really need another ball, so I’ll grab another one at Tapestry Craft when I do the beginners crochet class next weekend. I’ve started 2 other scarves as well, one with some sock yarn and the other is the Noro Stripe Scarf, that I’ve been obsessing about for a couple of weeks now. Also a baby blanket has been started for Eliza, my new bubby niece who will be making her way into the world sometime in June.

There are few other unfinished objects in the knitting basket that have been languishiung for a while, so once I finish off these couple of projects I’ll sort them out too, so there are few less WIPs on my Ravelry page!

I photographed the last of the undocumented stash the other week, bringing the total to about 63, which is slightly scary. I know I did make a pledge that I’d only knit from my stash a while back, but let’s face it as every knitter knows, that ain’t going to happen anytime soon. And besides, I need to buy more pink baby yarn to little pink things.

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