Friday, 22 June 2007

Fearing the jumper....

Ok, I posted on Tuesday about how I was SUPPOSED to start knitting my nephew a jumper….well, I did start….but it’s only about 7cm of starting.

The stripes are kind if bugging me, it’s a hoody, so I’m thinking the stripe thing just isn’t going to keep traveling up as well as I envisaged . Might just go stripes to the shoulder seams and have a solid navy hood, I don’t know, it’s thrown me into a tizz. So much so, I’ve been picking up every WIP and UFO in the place and working on them rather than this one, itty bitty jumper.


It’s 12ply yarn knitted on 5mm needles, for a whole 30cm, so it’ll knit up in no time for poo sake….so why can’t I just settle in for the night, in front of some crap TV, glass of wine at the ready and KNIT??

The scariest part now is that I have less than 2 weeks to complete it, his party is on the
7th July, I’m going to have to really pull fingy on this on L

To make things worse, there’s a Craft Fair thing on next weekend, where I’m going to go on a yarn bender AND I’m doing a colour knitting class at Tapestry Craft. The temptation to start phaffing around with things that I’ve either learnt or purchased will be completely overwhelming, I might have to locked in a room with only the wool for the damn jumper and my 5mm bamboos….oh and that glass of wine.

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