Thursday, 28 June 2007

Stash enhancement

Spent a few hours today wandering around the Craft Fair, it was mostly a nightmare of scrapbooking paraphernalia and several other naff crafts that seem to attract the 65+ crowd, but there were also some opportunities to add to the stash!

A couple of my favourite suppliers were there, Bendigo Woollen Mills where I picked up 2 colours of gorgeous fluffy mohair for $3 a ball and some divine 8ply in a cobalt blue and violet twist (all enough to furnish the wardrobe with some spanky new cardis!). Kaalund were also there, I’ve bought 2ply lace yarn from them before and their colour combinations are like walking into a gelato shop in spring.

Got me lil mitts on some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn (for scarves, not socks) and some Noro Aurora, which I’ve not seen before. New Zealand were represented by a company called Touch Yarns and I’m now the proud owner of some 2ply Mohair/Merino mix, feels so nice, I want to curl up and sleep in it!

So, I’ve now got even more to keep me busy! Because I didn’t have enough yarn to do that already, did I??

Not a lot more to report on the lil stripey jumper, I’m about half way up the hood. Just couldn’t knit last night, my bodgey wrist was giving me grief and I can’t keep knocking back the pain killers to get me through. I’ll hopefully have that finished over the weekend, so I can start playing with my new yarny friends.

Oh yeah….colour knitting class tomorrow at Tapestry Craft too….WOOOO!!!

(Sorry about the rubbish pic of my purchases, the light was terrible)

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Sarah said...

Hey Larissa!
I went to the craft fair today (thursday) too. Hannah and I were overwhelmed by all the old ladies pushing in everywhere! I managed to get some great new yarn too, its birthday central in my family at the moment so there will be knitted goodies making their way across the Tasman very soon.