Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Show us your back, love

Ok….and I’ll show you most of the front as well!!

So, I’m a little behind where I wanted to be by this stage, I was hoping to have had the front finished and be starting the sleeves tonight. Didn’t knit a stitch on Monday night, bad me and I wasn't happy the few rows of the neck/hood shaping I did last night , so I’ve just finished un-knitting them.

I’m dreading weaving in all those ends, which I’m thinking will have to be done before I start the seaming. Note to self: next time with stripes, do the maths before you start and just carry the damn yarn up the side!! Oh well, live and learn, etc….

Loving the yarn I’m knitting with though, it’s from Bendigo Woolen Mill, a lovely 12ply machine washable 100% wool. It’s twisted, not crepey like some machine washables can be. As much as I would have loved an excuse to go out and buy the pale blue cashmere blend that the pattern called for, there’s no way I could be that mean to my sister! Hey sis, here’s that jumper I told you I was knitting for Lil Sir Niblet for his big first birthday, it’s hand wash only and cost a bomb, so make sure he doesn’t get it dirty, you know by doing little boy things in it and all.

I must admit though, it’s been tough being a one project girl since the weekend, there are a couple of unfinished scarves on the coffee table begging me to pick them up and knit a few rows, but I’ve been strong.

Although, I really want to drag out the balls of deep mauve Cleckheaton Studio Mohair I have in the stash once I’ve finished this. One of the girl’s in the office had the most divine cardi on today, fitted, round neck, 1x1 ribbing around the waist for shape, but then it was decorated with rays of graduating sequins (I think) coming from the neck, I know, makes NO sense, sounds naff, but it looked great and I want to knit then bead something similar.

Actually, I bid on 10 balls of the same yarn in a gorgeous delicate mint colour on Ebay today….was thinking same sort of cardi with the same beading, maybe self coloured, maybe in a lovely contrasting lilac. All lovely and soft and pretty….very unlike me!

I have promised Mum a scarf before I do anything else, got a couple of balls of Noro Silk Garden for her for Mother’s Day back in May, she’s approved the colour but I haven’t settled on a pattern to do it justice yet.

Curse my stash and it’s seductive ways.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Rissa,

This is your lil sister, mother of Lil Sir Niblet. I love the colours!! It looks great so far!! You better hurry, you only have 10 days left!! I can't wait to see the finished product and I know Lil Sir Niblet will be most impressed....