Monday, 2 July 2007

Oh noes, I runned out!!

Yep, there’s no navy wool left! The cupboard is bare. The well is dry. And there’s a lil jumper with a back, a front and NO SLEEVES!!

Luckily I foresaw this catastrophe and ordered another ball on Friday, unfortunately it means a mad knitting rush late this week. I have a lil bit left that I’ll use to start seaming with tonight, tried to do it last night, but oh my lordy the weaving in of the ends started to drive me to distraction. Dark navy yarn is rubbish to weave in at night, you can’t see a damned thing.

The new members of the stash were calling out from their bags yesterday, I fondled a little and even cast on a few stitches in the Noro Aurora (ack, that yarn is going to make my fingers cranky) but I was good and picked up a couple of half finished scarves and worked on those a bit more.

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