Tuesday, 24 July 2007

It's the new arrival....

An early birthday present (seeing as I had to go and pick it up myself, thanks hubby o' mine!)

Haven't dared switched the thing on yet, the "before you start" part of the manual is as thick as a kid eating perkins paste and I have to save my reading eyes for Harry and Harry alone!!

Spoke to Sis the Youngest today and she's already finished and so desperately wanted to discuss all things Harry (as we always do after each volume) but couldn't in case she revealed something she shouldn't! I'm on Chapter 22, I'm getting there....I swear I am!!!

Oh and if you're really that interested in the new sewing machine it's a Brother NX-400.

Plush-o-Rama arrived today too (woo for Amazon, how i adore thee and the AU dollar is a bit spiffy at the moment to boot!) so I think the first thing I'll make is something plushy-toy like!

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