Saturday, 14 July 2007

Owww, my bleeding fingers.

Ok, I’ll come right out and say it, there’s nothing all that nice about knitting with Noro Silk Garden or Aurora. Some relief came when I transferred from bamboo to metal needles, but it’s scratchy and crunchy and dream crushing.

Oh Noro, you enticed me into purchasing you with your luxury yarn price tag, like some holy grail of knitting-ness!!

Everyone bangs on about “woo Noro this” and “even bigger woo Noro that” but really, for me all it has going for it are the amazing colour combinations. Honestly in future I’ll be spending the money on some squishy soft alpaca or cashmere blend. Something when I’m knitting it feels like I have an itty bitty kitty in my lap, purring away as it grows.

The fabric itself once knitted isn’t as icky as the knitting, it’s not baby-bum soft, but nor will it take away sheets of skin in some exfoliating frenzy either. And those colour changes….STUNNING!

I’m knitting the Orca Tail Scarf in Silk Garden for mum and in Aurora for me. I will admit to loving the way they are knitting up though, the way each repeat seems to be flowing underneath the next, they’ll be a perfect splash of scarfy colour if the weather ever decides to warm up.

They’ll certainly be a labour or love, seeing as I have a few balls of Filatura de Crosa’s Zara staring at me. And those massive, space consuming balls of wool from Bendigo whispering “knit me, knit me” those bastards just KNOW they’ve swatched perfectly for the countless potential projects.

Got my Ravelry invitation last week too, so I need to embark on a photographing orgy so I can document the stash and all the UFOs/ WIPs. She who dies with the most yarn wins!

Then again, it’s a nice bright sunny day, perfect for dealing with dark yarn and there’s a little navy striped hoody that needs some attention.

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